Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dillon's twins

I came home from work yesterday to hear Dillon's explanation of how her tummy was so big because she had twins in her tummy. Their names are Erma and Comey. We had to do lots of pretending that the babies were being born. I had to hold a washcloth (actually just a clean sock) on her head and help her dry the babies off when they were born- multiple times. She would grunt and tell me that it hurt, but it would be over really soon, then would excitedly tell me how big they were when they were born. Then she'd jump right up, and run to get some other prop for our scenario. She apparently recovers from birth really quickly! There was also an explanation in there about something called "Sperm Day," which only occurs the day after the first snow. Not sure about that one.

We've been reading a wonderful children's book about where babies come from & she's clearly learned a lot from it. She now wants to know if every male in public has sperm or not and if every female has eggs. She wants to know if Peaches has eggs. This has prompted another conversation about how it is fine to ask those questions, but they are private questions and need to be asked quietly to mom or dad- not loudly at the grocery store as she is staring at someone.

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