Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tunbridge World's Fair

On Saturday Dillon & I went to the Tunbridge World's Fair while Dave was on call. Tunbridge is a small town in Vermont that holds this fair every year. It is one of THE events of the fall to attend, though I have no idea why it's called a world's fair. There was simply a lot of everything- food, noise, people, expense, stuff. It was a lot of fun for the 3 hours we were there. Dillon got to watch people contra-dancing, which is a early form of square dancing, she rode the merry-go-round, got to ride a pony as well as see and pet lots of animals. There were tractors everywhere to see and cheap toys to try to talk me into buying. There was even a tractor pulling a wagon operating as a shuttle to the parking lot.

I asked her today what her favorite part of the fair was, thinking for sure it would be the pony ride or the tractor shuttle. Nope. It was a ride we watched for approximately 2 minutes- that large boat looking thing that swings really high from side to side. She asked to ride it, as well as the Himalaya, a ride that goes really fast in a tilted circle. Of course, she's too small & in reality they would've scared her to death, but from her point of view, they were the coolest things there.

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