Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I've found that one of the things I really enjoy doing with Dillon is cooking. It's given us the occasion to talk about where food comes from, what good food is and what junk food is. While I've never really understood a heavy reliance on fast food, I read something about a year ago about french fries being the "vegetable" most offered to toddlers. Certainly as she gets older, I've have less influence over what she eats, but I'm hoping that talking about it will help her make better decisions in the future.

Anyway, for the last several nights, I've been able to get her involved with fixing dinner instead of begging the watch a movie the entire time. We've had lots of mushrooms for dinner since they can be cut with a knife that's not sharp. I've also found that she's pretty safe with a hot pot or pan on the stove- she's touched them enough times noe that I' can just tell her they are hot & she's VERY careful. So last night, she was insistent that she wanted to cook on the stove like I was. The burner had to be on because she wanted there to be steam. So, I put a little water in the pot and let her make soup.

So, what's she making?

Why, it's grape carrot noodle soup, course. After she decided they were done, she put them in the fridge to cool off, then ate the grapes as part of her dinner.

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