Saturday, January 21, 2006

The logic of a child

I just opened the fridge to find 2 sanding pads in there. They are in there with the 2 empty cups of applesauce that were placed in there by Dillon & Lydia on thursday. Why? They are birthday cakes because friday was Lydia birthday, so they had pretend birthday cakes. That explains the applesause cups anyway. I'm not sure about the sanding pads- it was done while I wasn't here. I'll have to ask her because the answer will be interesting.

She's also taken to rationalizing things. She'll see a picture of a flying horse, so that means she needs to watch the flying horse movie that night (aka Disney's original Fantasia). Or she'll see a picture of a lion or zebra, so that means we need to watch Madagascar that night.

A little under an hour ago, a rather large tree fell behind our house. A small storm came through, mostly just strong winds, but this tree was already damaged by pileated woodpeckers, so there were some big holes in it. Most of the tree is not really on our property, but some is including all of the branches. It's quite a mess back there. I'll have to take a picture and post it. It's kind of interesting to see the woodpecker holes from this perspective, too, though.

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