Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A compliment

On sunday, we went to the first birthday party for one of Dave's anesthesia classmates. It was from 1-3, which is right at Dillon's naptime. As it happened, she woke up about an hour and a half early that morning. Several times throughout the party, Dillon would become quite indignant that one of the babies that were there (all around a year old) would come up and take a toy from her. She would come to me and express just how offended she was at how "that little boy didn't ask- he's SUPPOSED to ASK!" It was tough for her to understand that they were just learning how to share things and could talk yet to ask for things. So, her solution was two-fold. First, she would take the toy she wanted to play with to a chair out of the reach of the babies- pretty good, I thought. Second, she'd go grab a piece of a cookie off the table. The food was out of the reach of the little ones but just perfect for Dillon's reach. I think she must've eaten 3 cookies while we were there. She was very excited for Clayton to open his books we got him. Much more than he was, so she opened them for him and showed them to him. When that didn't get the desired response, she took them to his mom, who was appropriately excited, which thrilled Dillon. She was started to get really tired and having more trouble with coping with the babies, so we were loading up to go home, at which point she just absolutely melted down. We made it home and she took a much needed 3 hour nap. Interestingly, though, on Monday, one of Dave's other anesthesia classmates that was there made a point to let Dave know how well behaved they thought Dillon was and that she did a great job of being gentle and sharing with the babies! Wow- perspective. It isn't that I thought she was not being well behaved- she was- I guess I just recoginzed it as more of a struggle for her that it must've appeared. In any case, it was a nice compliment.

And as for the potty chair use-- twice yesterday- none today so far, but we had to be out of the house for a while this morning, which throws her off. We only have one brief place to go tomorrow, then nowhere thursday, so she'll have plenty of opportunity to get the hang of this!

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