Monday, March 16, 2009

Yay for vacations

We relaxed, we got a chance to talk about the whole job situation, and now we're feeling a little better about things. The sum of it all is that the job has a great deal positive going for it, as does the city. There are some major negatives to the job, but they are unlikely to be permanent. Dave agrees that he desperately needs to put some stress management in place and stop relying on home to be a stress-free place. He has made some big changes to his schedule arrangement that should decrease his hours. He had some really positive meetings upon his return.

So, all things considered, we are feeling more solidly positive about being here. Spring seems to be here, things are turning green, we're getting outside more. I'm follwing up on some of the people we've met and exchanged contact information with to try to get together.

So, we're getting there.

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Angie said...

I'm glad that things are starting to look up!