Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthday party

We had Dillon's birthday party at the barn where she (and I!) take lessons. It was the week after her birthday and in spite of less than nice weather we had a really good time. So good we're thinking of doing it again, just without birthday cake :)

It was a small group, which is my kind of birthday party. There were 2 ponies and one regular sized horse for everyone-including any interested adults- to ride. There were also older kids there that lead the party guests around on the horses. We bought pizza for everyone, then cake after the riding was over. Even the kids that were a bit apprehensive had a ball.

Pictures are a bit dark- that little point and shoot flash just doesn't reach far, but enjoy!

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veganbaby said...

Sounds like a fun birthday party! Tell Dillon Desmina and Bodhi say, "Happy Birthday!"