Friday, February 06, 2009

Making good on a promise

Not really being one for New Year's resolutions, I still like to look forward to the new year and make plans for things I'd like to accomplish. Not "organize the pantry" or, really anything related to cleaning- more like personal goals.

This year, I made it a goal to do something for myself each day. It had been lost in the midst of the difficult transition we've been undergoing. I'd find myself, at 4:00 in the afternoon, just spent, wondering how on earth I'd find the energy to make dinner and get kids to bed. So, I just did it. Sometimes only 10 minutes, sometimes more. I've been knitting. I got my sewing machine out, only to have it promptly stop working. I've been reading a bit. I started a photo project that I'll post here soon.

And the big one- I found an excellent babysitter and have started horseback riding lessons. What an incredible stress reliever!

The best part of all- life feels less stressful. I'm more patient with the girls. I'm not struggling through the evening trying to make it to bedtime.
Why is it that when life gets the most difficult, we tend to put aside the activities that make those difficulties more manageable?

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NannyOgg said...


I am glad you are able to put yourself first for even a few moments of the day. It makes a world of difference.

I read a book about 'Parenting Aspergers kids' and it had many many tips. What I thought was the best and most excellent tip though was their very first one : Take Care of Yourself First.

It gives you all the energy and grounding you need to take care of every one else. But sometimes it FEELS selfish, but it really is not.

{{{ HUGS }}}