Saturday, February 07, 2009

30 days of pictures- January 2009

I alluded to this in my last post. I've had such a hard time consistently picking up my camera since the move. It just requires so much energy, this adjusting to a new place. I needed a project to get me going again and knew I'd found it when I stumbled across someone else's 30 days project. I just wanted to show little bits of life around here. I plan to do again this summer. It'll be interesting to see how they differ.

So, here it is- enjoy! The individual pictures are on Flickr; just click on the links below & it'll take you there.

1. Corryn reading, 2. Helping cook, 3. Toy barn assembly, 4. Such a toddler, 5. Drawing a family, 6. Blocks, 7. Toy car pile-up, 8. A little snowy walk, 9. Reading, 10. Feeding a friend, 11. Stripeysaurus, 12. Help me, 13. Sunglasses, 14. 2nd birthday, 15. Big sister teaches, 16. A sunny spot, 17. Dressing herself, 18. Relaxation, 19. Dave's normal location, 20. New sled, 21. Snuggling with Daddy, 22. Snow, 23. Playroom, 24. Twirling sisters, 25. A casualty of the snow, 26. Dillon's tree, still up, 27. Muddy boots, 28. SIgns of winter, 29. Creating, 30. Camera girl in front of the camera

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NannyOgg said...

Awesome! I love the peek into your life with those pics.


Anonymous said...

Life as it is!! I love it!! Can hardly wait until the next one. Great pictures! Finally you are in one!

Angie said...

Super sweet! I love it!