Friday, October 10, 2008

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Just a cute picture.

We're still here. Still figuring it out. Dave is back to working a lot trying to get the hospital ready to open. He's been named the director of the ICU and they don't have enough intensive care trained docs to cover all the time. I'm glad it's not my job to figure it out. He promises me he won't work all the hours forever, just until they are able to get more doctors on board. It's still better than residency and fellowship- at least now he comes home happy most days in spite of the stresses of the job. I think there's a lot more appreciation for his input now. So it's nice having him not so stressed out.

We're enjoying our new homeschool group. It's a small one, but it suits us. The other moms and dads help out a lot with Corryn, so I actually get to have a conversation or two when we meet. We've been going to eat lunch together after the park time on Tuesday, then going bowling every other Thursday. I really couldn't be much worse at bowling, but it's fun hanging out and Dillon's having a great time with it.

I've learned living in a subdivision with kids your own child's age in it has a definite drawback. Dillon obsessively looks out the window mulitple times per day to see if her friend is home. Unfortunately, her friend is in preschool/daycare all day and gets home around the time I am getting dinner started. SO, I'm often in the position of having to say no to going to see her friend. Far too often this results in an enormous meltdown with her telling me I don't want her to have friends- even after we've spent the entire afternoon with new friends. Such fun.

This particular friend is moving to a new house close by in a couple of weeks, so maybe that'll improve that situation. I hope, because it's hard to be sympathetic to her adjustment to a new place when part of it is a huge meltdown every night. I feel kind of lost as to how to address it- tell her she can't see her friend if it doesn't stop? That feels counterproductive to the larger issue of needing friends. I don't know.

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Anonymous said...

Look at Dave Jr.! She has changed to much in the last 2 months. I can hardly wait to see the girls again. I hope things get better with Dillon. She just doesn't understand why she can't spend all her time with the neighbor kids.