Monday, May 19, 2008

Make me an offer

So, no offer yet from the people that said they wanted to make one. They are nervous first time home buyers. Hey, I've been there, I understand. Really I do. Or at least I did for the first few days after we were told this great news.

Several people have looked at the house. People often slow down when they are driving by the house and seem to take a look. Dave thinks it's because there is a stop sign there, but I prefer to think they are thinking about how much they'd like to buy our house.

It's cleaner than I think it has been in 5 years (shhhhh!!!!) The yard, which looked a lot like the surface of the moon once the snow finally went away, is again green and looking like a real yard. There are flowers planted and looking lovely.


I can't keep this facade of organization and constant cleanliness up much longer.

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Anonymous said...

The right buyer is on their way! Soon!