Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Indiana bound!

The decision is made- we are headed to Indiana in the fall! Contract negotiations are complete and the credentialing process (to obtain an IN license and hospital priviledges) is underway. We are awaiting the final originals of the contract to arrive in the mail, but already have the electronic version. We are so excited!!! The end of training-- and a brand new beginning are just around the corner. I still maintain it is bittersweet for me leaving New Hampshire. It's a beautiful place and I have many wonderful friends that I am leaving behind. I know it doesn't end the friendships, but it does change them. Dillon asked if we could buy small toys that she could give her friends before we moved so they would remember her.

To add to the excitement, we found out last night that a family we are good friends with will be moving just about 2 hours away from us in Indiana at about the same time. We've already been making plans to get together with each other and with their good friend in Chicago to visit some of the fun stuff there.

So exciting!!!


Anonymous said...

My heart leaps for joy for you! It has been a long journey,but you are almost there. Wonderful!!

veganbaby said...

Congrats! I am sad that you're leaving us though.

Rimca said...

Interesting to know.