Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Birthday 5th Dillon (a little belatedly...)

OK, so her birthday was February 15th. We weren't late celebrating it, of course, I'm just a little late in posting about it.

She's 5 years old! I can't believe it! She's such a smart, curious, BUSY kid, it's almost hard to describe her. She asks 10,000 questions a day, comes up with the great realizations from the things we read and the movies she watches. She's incredibly creative and really a pretty amazing problem solver-- for 5 years old. She learned her alphabet - upper and lower case- in about 3 weeks once she decided it was interesting. She now regularly spells things out from signs she sees and asks what word it is. She also learned how to use a computer with amazing competence in that same space of time. Well, except for when she erased all the icons off my desktop, but we'll just nevermind that. Just last week she started writing letters and can make most of them recognizably. She's a great big sister most of the time and can make Corryn laugh like no one else can- though she can get irritated with Corryn's crying like no one else as well.

Her current favorites: Horses, horses and horses. Dinosaurs and anything to do with the human body are a very close second. She loves Dave's stories from work. She likes to cook with me, except that she doesn't like to help with whatever I'm making, she wants to make her own. This leads to some really interesting (and usually inedible) concoctions. But she's so proud of them and has learned a great deal about cooking just from being able to play with spices, flour and water.

Her current least favorites: eating- she proclaims it boring, cleaning up, getting into the bath- then interestingly enough, also dislikes getting out of the tub, still hates getting her teeth brushed, loud noises and crowds.

Opening presents (with a little help...):

A dinosaur!

Birthday cake! She wanted to use Corryn's "1" candle plus four regular candles to make 5. OK, whatever, it's her birthday-

Horses, horses, horses....

Happy Birthday, my no-longer-so-little one!

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Kristi said...

wow! i can't believe she's five already haha, happy birthday! :) hope to see you all soon!