Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Job search update

This will be brief since we're a germ factory around here. Corryn's been running fever on and off the last 36 hours, then I started running fever this morning. What a joy.


The job search is still ongoing. Dave ended up going on the interview to TN alone. The hospital balked at the cost of bringing all 4 of us to travel there on short notice. Can't really blame them, given that it was probably close to $1000 per ticket and 2 members of the family don't really have a say in whether or not we move there. In any case, the interview went extremely well, he really clicked with the partners in the practice. They practice there have other interviewees scheduled, so their timeline for making a decision is "a few weeks."

The job in Indiana is still out there. They supposedly are expecting to have all contract paperwork completed with the new anesthesia director by this week, at which point they'll put him in contact with the candidates. They are anticipating this happening by the end of the month.

There are a couple of more places that have requested interviews with him, it's a matter of scheduling. So, there are at least 2 really strong possibilities, either of which we could see being really happy in.

More waiting, though.

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