Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday My Little Imp!

One year ago today, right about the time I'm sitting down to write this, Corryn was born after a dream of a labor and delivery. Today, we're celebrating her first birthday with a chocolate cake, lots of singing of "Happy Birthday" and time all spent together. She dug wholeheartedly into her cake:

And clearly enjoyed it immensely. Raised her right, huh? :)

I've nicknamed her my little Imp. She's the kid that crawls into the room, looks around to see what she can get into, gives a little grin, then goes for it.
Some of her favorite activities-
Taking off her diaper cover and "accidently" dropping it down the stairs...

Turning the cold water on in the bathtub. This is especially fun when someone is in the shower...

Crawling up the stairs, even if it means crawling over the barricade I've put at the bottom to stop this little adventure. She's incredibly quick and silent at the stair climbing.

She loves imitating Dillon as much a possible. Blowing raspberries was the shared activity yesterday. She's almost walking, though not quite. She has 4 teeth- the top and bottom front ones. Although still not a big eater, she prefers spicier food than bland food. She's still a little studier, preferring to watch things and take it all in. Much to most people's chagrin, she's not a particularly smiley baby to strangers. She gives us big smiles and giggles, though. She dances when she hears music, even if it's just Dillon singing. She's starting to learn some signs, which I love. I remember how much easier it made life with Dillon. She shows all signs of being able to throw a proper tantrum :)

Happy Birthday my little Imp!

(And yes, that is her crawling on the tray of her high chair in the first picture!)

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veganbaby said...

Nooo!!!! You are lying! She isn't one! Turn back time!!!!