Saturday, December 15, 2007

What's up with the job search?

Good question. We aren't sure. 4 weeks after verbally accepting the job in Southern Illinois, we still don't have a written contract to go with it. We aren't sure if this is a normal amount of time to wait or not. It feels like it's taking far too long, though. And there have been promises of calls with updates that haven't happened.

And as for the job in Indiana... it just stalled. Not completely, but definitely stalled. They thought they had an anesthesia medical director hired, then didn't, then were talking about just subcontracting anesthesia instead of the hospital actually hiring them. Since they couldn't decide, they decided to hold off on staff job offers. Now they have someone they want for medical director and hope to have a written contract with them by January (note the importance of that written contract part- and the "hope to" part). Then, they'll be connecting the new medical director with the candidates for staff positions. This could easily take another month or two. That would put us into March- 6 months after the initial interview. But, it is a new hospital, so delays are inevitable.

How do you put a frustrated growl into writing?

The Southern Illinois job is the current top choice, but this dragging out of the written contract part has brought up some concerns. So, we continue to wallow around in the waiting game, when mentally, we are so beyond ready for it to be settled.


NannyOgg said...

That sounds frustrating!

And in the meantime, you can shovel snow :p

Hope there is some clearness soon, I HATE those times when you just wait.


Anonymous said...

I suppose this is one of those times that we trust someone with more POWER than we have.