Thursday, December 20, 2007


We had our Secret Santa exchange at our homeschool group yesterday. The guidelines are that homemade or recycled is preferable, but if that isn't possible, then $5 or less. This makes for creative gifts. Dillon got a really cute framed watercolor of a pink elephant. She was really excited about it. We had to go to the grocery store after the meeting, so she wanted to carry it in with her so she could show it to people. I didn't realize that she wanted to show it to everyone in the grocery store. We had to have a conversation about it not far in the door as she very quickly was highly offended that no one was stopping to ask her about her picture. I had to explain that most people don't come to the grocery store to check out what someone else brought with them and that if we stop and talk to ever person there, we'll never get through the store. We agreed that it was fine to tell someone about it if they asked (and a few did...), but that we weren't going to stop people. It wasn't long before she got bored with the whole thing and put it down in the cart.

On a different note, the job search is still a big conundrum. There are some new developments with the job in Southern Illinois. Some things that were promised have now changed- including the offer of reimbursement for our trip there before Thanksgiving. And he wants us to make another trip for Dave to meet a few other people at the hospital. So, it has changed our thinking on that one a bit. Maybe it's a good thing that we didn't have a written contract. I'm trying so hard to take a "wait and see" approach on this, but it is hard.

And on one other note, twice today we have walked up on Corryn standing freely somewhere-as in, she didn't pull up on something and let go, she just stood up from the floor. Last night she was taking one step from one object to another. She's 11 months old today- sorry no picture today. I'll post one soon!

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