Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The terrible, horrible, no good afternoon

Corryn woke up from a nap while Dillon was helping me with laundry. I got her from the bedroom, laid her on the floor of the basement (it's finished & carpeted) and asked Dillon to keep her company while I finished up the last few minutes of laundry tasks. A minute or so later, Corryn started crying. It's not unusual since Dillon tends to be a little too much in her face when she first wakes up. I asked what happened, but Dillon wouldn't tell me. With both of them crying, (Dillon because Corryn scared her with her crying) we went upstairs to try to calm everyone. Fast forward about 40 minutes (and nearly non stop crying by one or the other of them) I finally get Dillon to tell me that she had forgotten to put Corryn's arm at her side when she tried to roll her from her tummy to her back.

So, after a couple of calls, we head to the pediatrician's clinic. Then to X-ray where the tech was initially less than gratious about having Dillon there. I, too, was guilty of being less than gratious as I snapped at her that I didn't plan on my infant getting injured today and didn't have a babysitter at my beck and call. She chilled out after that. Dave, as is always the case, was on call in the ICU- his first day in there and couldn't get away.

No obvious fracture on x-ray, but she won't use her left arm, so we are sent down to the ER to see the orthopedic surgery resident. They were kind enough to warn us that we would be waiting for "hours." Dave was able to join us briefly, I was able to reach my dear friend Juliana to come get Dillon & we were able to get some food.

Long story made shorter, 4 1/2 hours, 2 exams and 2 more x-rays later, the consensus was that no one was 100% sure what the injury was, but it wasn't limb-threatening, so we were sent home.

I just got a call from the resident we saw last night who consulted with the pediatric ortho surgeon. The feeling is that it is a fracture in the growth plate in her left upper arm. There is really nothing to be done except keep the arm pined at her side for a few days while her body creates new bone. No casting, no surgery. We follow up with the surgeon on friday.

Not sure how to approach this for the future with Dillon. Obviously, I need to not leave them alone together for a while. It was an accident, though I did spend the afternoon fighting being really angry at Dillon. I'm calmer now. Exhausted, but calmer, so hopefully I can be a bit more rational while I duct tape her hands together to keep her from hurting her sister again (I'm kidding of course...).

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