Friday, August 24, 2007

A sampling of today's questions

Mom? (This has been uttered no less often than an average of every 90 seconds)
Why? Said with equal frequency to "Mom?"
What happens if you let go of the steering wheel while you are driving?
Would you run into that guard rail over there?
Would you get hurt if you went down that hill right there?
What if cars were meant to drive without someone steering them?
Why don't the people that make cars just put a sensor on the bottom to tell it where to go?

Dave recently picked up a book- The Ultimate Book of Useless Information. Somewhere in it was a tidbit that says the average 4 year old asks 437 questions a day.

I'm pretty sure we hit that by noon.

On the positive note- with her kind of thinking, she'll be the one that invents the flying cars we all thought we'd be riding in by the year 2000. It's a matter of me surviving the machine gun fire nature of those questions until then.


Anonymous said...

I have a six year old little boy that is the same way. Only now the questions are more complicated and harder to answer. Good luck with the job search in Indiana. That is where we live. Pam

Wendy said...

Do you like it there?