Friday, July 13, 2007

A memory from my childhood

Growing up, we had several wild blackberry bushes growing around the pond on our property. We would go pick enough to make a cobbler, plus enough to snack on as we fought off the stickers (and ticks and mosquitos...).

While on a walk this week, we discovered this bush with red and black berries. Dillon quickly gobbled up all the black ones, stopping only long enough to let me take this picture. It brought me back to my own childhood, eating wild berries freshly picked, outside in the sunshine. As it turns out, these are actually black raspberries rather than blackberries, but no matter.

It's long been my goal to give my children that element of my childhood- the simplicity of spending hours outside, learning and appreciating the gifts the earth. Dillon loves it- she takes a great deal of pride in identifying and eating the wild sorrel in our yard. We found a wild strawberry a couple of days ago that she quickly gobbled up. Since we found this bush, she asks every few hours throught the day if I think there are any more berries that are ripe and can we go check.

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