Friday, June 15, 2007



What a relief- we're home! All is well. With the exception of the incredibly bland food, I have nothing but praise for our whole experiece, given the fact it was surgery on my infant. The pre-op staff was wonderful- a nurses's aide got Corryn to sleep by walking her around before her surgery, so she went back to the OR asleep. That was such a blessing for me. We had lots of visitors which really helped pass the time quickly. We got several pages during the surgery with "things are going well" kinds of updates. The ICU staff was great- her assessment one morning was notable for being "Cute, cute, cute!"

And above all else Corryn is doing great. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of all of us.

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flyingfisher said...

So glad you're home and things went so well. Thank goodness for that aide!

Your relief is palpable. :-)

Bland food??!! What, at the hospital?