Friday, February 23, 2007

Love is...

I'm finally making a post for Love Thursday which I've read about and intended to participate for a while, but never managed to follow through. Of course, newly having 2 children does not make it likely that I'll be all that consistent about follow through in the future, but never mind that.

So here's mine- keeping in mind I still have all those postpartum hormones surging around :)

Love is reading to your baby sister after initially wishing your parents had left her at the hospital.

Love is also all the people that brought us the wonderful meals that have carried us through these first few weeks with a new baby. It's the people that gave us gifts, both of the previously loved variety (that you again for the diapers Karen!) and the new variety- and for those that remembered to include Dillon in the gift-giving. It's also those that have checked on us, and especially one of Dave's anesthesia classmates who called after working for 12 hours to make sure I was doing OK because Dave was on-call and she thought I was home alone with both kids. It's for the understanding of other mothers with whom I've been able to share the heartache of Dillon's adjustment, and especially for our own mothers who came to stay with us and took fantastic care of us.

So, happy Love Thursday! It made me smile to post this and I'll do my best to keep it up.


O_Scientist said...

Happy Love Thursday!!!!

What a wonderful picture! And glad the diapers are working out ^^

Snuggle that little one and that bigger one,


veganbaby said...

Happy Love Thursday!
Aww such a sweet picture!