Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Dillon woke up really early this morning while I still had the news on. We've been talking about voting and what it means. I was explaining to her that Barack Obama won the election and will be the new president. She hasn't seen a lot of the political process since we watch very little TV and was trying to figure out who Obama was. Instead of describing him, I just pointed him out on the TV.

To clarify, she asked: "You mean the one with the really short hair?"

Interesting. Not the man with the dark skin- the man with the short hair. What a great place it would be if that was the extent of the differences we could see in one another- short hair vs. long hair.

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veganbaby said...

Desmina is obsessed with skin color right now. She is always asking me, "What color is ____?" I think it's great how innocently children see things.