Saturday, February 02, 2008

Good reasons not to clean the kitchen

I've been in major clean out mode as of late- you know, getting ready to sell the house and move in a few months. I thought it would be a good idea to run the self-cleaning option on the stove as an easy way to getting it really good and clean in there. Afterall, surely someone will overlook all the kid clutter in the house and know it was well taken care of if the inside of the oven is clean- right? So, for the first time in the almost 5 years we've been in the house, I tried to utilize this clearly beneficial option.

Except... it started beeping "door" at me approximately 2 minutes into the cycle. I fiddled with the door until the alarm changed to "F-9." Hmmm.... did a quick search online to find the .pdf of the owners manual (since the previous owners didn't leave it for us) and found nothing about an F-9 alarm. I called Amana, talked to a very kind customer service person, had her share my joy in the continuously beeping alarm only to find out that F-9 indicated a problem with the door latch and that the oven would now be locked until a new latch could be put in. Shut the stupid thing off, took down the number of the repair person, planning to call the next day. More money out on a house that we're wanting to sell very soon. There's something so wrong about that.

Not learning my lesson, the next day, I proceed to do more cleaning out, finding a bag of flaxseeds that I purchased easily 3 years ago and have used, well, almost not at all. To the trashcan with them!

Except... on the way to the trashcan, they spilled out all over the floor. Did I trip over the dog? A toy left on the floor? Nope, just dropped the bag. So, now there are these little buggy looking things all over the floor I had just swept. The dog, who has a rather sensitive stomach is trying the eat them, Corryn is crawling all through them and Dillon is repeatedly yelling "What happened?!" from the other room. I suppose that's good in that it prevented them from hearing what I was muttering. Out comes the vacuum cleaner- the dog goes running, Corryn tries to chew on the cord. It's almost all clean when the phone rings. While I'm on the phone, Dillon keeps picking Corryn up, making her mad.

How exactly does it go from perfectly calm to mass chaos so quickly?

Anyway, I got the mess cleaned up, procrastinated in calling the repair person and found that a matter of about 16 hours later, the oven unlocked itself- with all the baked on stuff inside still firmly in place.

I just hope anyone thinking about buying our house didn't just read this.

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NannyOgg said...

I am sure the flax seeds will be good for Corryn anyway, who cares if they are a tad rancid

Glad the oven unlocked itself!