Thursday, November 01, 2007

Just a little dream...

I want a little house, far in the woods. One with a little garden with some flowers. And quiet. A little place where no one says my name, or needs me for anything. I get to sit for longer than 5 minutes. I get to read or knit, or better yet, have a complete uninterrupted thought. I only have to worry about when I eat. No one would cry or ask me questions. I'd get to take a shower when I wanted with no negotiations of "play with me for 2 minutes first." I'd get to sleep.

I wouldn't want to spend all my time there, it would undoubtedly get pretty lonely. But right now, after the day we've had, there is very little I wouldn't give to have a little time in that house in the woods.


NannyOgg said...

I'll move in the house next to you. About a mile away seems fine. So we can hike to each other if we want company.

But NO ONE else will live in my house either, just me.

I could pick up the floor and it would STAY picked up. Wow!


flyingfisher said...

My MIL told me (she's the mother of four) that she always imagined a litte house in her backyard that she could go to when the noise, attention and all got too much.

Imagining that place seemd to give her a bit of relief.

She'd been an only child and hated being the only new kid in school whenever they moved (which was frequent.) So of course you have 4 kids so they're not lonely when they go to school?!

They're a great family and stay in touch as adults and have fun together.

When I was in chiropractic school I had a room in a house I shared and it was neat with a place for everything, decorated with things forom nature, and a poem painted on the wall, and I loved it. And I want a room like that in my place now.

You know that some day you will welcome it all again, but after a bit it will again be too much. But they listen when they're in their twenties and thirties....and even plan birthday parties for you.

Anonymous said...

The house in the woods is nice. It gets lonely after a while.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for.