Thursday, April 05, 2007

Love is...

Living in a place where madness such as this occurs in April so that your husband can pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

Seriously, I love living here, but snowfall in April? Well, not so much. 80 and sunny is more to my liking. But he is a very talented physician unlike most any other you meet. Maybe because he lived a little outside of the academic life before med school, maybe just because that's who he is. In any case, it's been quite ride pursuing this dream of his and I've been happy- overall- to join him on it.

Happy Love Thursday!


NannyOgg said...

I can't believe you live somewhere where they allow it to snow in April!!!!!


Happy Love Thursday!

Spend the day indoors, snuggling your little ones, and drinking hot chocolate.


veganbaby said...

I kind of regret being a hermit today and not going outside. It was beautiful.
Although I'm ready for Spring to be here already.