Friday, June 03, 2005


Boy is she all about her daddy right now! We both wish we had a dollar for every time she says "daddy" in an evening. She asks for him when she first wakes up, she follows him when he leaves the room and wants to go with him when he runs an errand. About a week ago, she and I had a cute conversation. I heard her in her room when she woke up in the morning.
D: "Mommy!"
W: "Good morning, baby."
D: "I want Mommy to pick me up"
W: "OK"
D: "and take me to daddy!"

A couple of nights ago we were finishing dinner and she said "Daddy! Daddy! I want Daddy to hold me. But not Momma."

Of course, a short time later, she had a little bump on something and immediately wanted me. Funny how that works.

All evening long we hear "Dady, daddy, daddy, I want daddy, I want daddy!" She's not crying or upset or anything- she just wants her daddy. At dinner, it's often followed by "I want daddy to feeeeeeeed me."

I think it's pretty cool, though. Their relationship has grown so much since I started working every other saturday with Dillon staying home with Dave. He's so much more comfortable in taking care of her now. In the beginning, all he could do was take care of her. Now they go to the museum on a regular basis, they go shopping for yard stuff or even Mother's Day presents. I was particularly impressed by his willingness to take her to JCPenney's to go Mother's Day shopping. He said that she got under the clothes in the racks and loudly proclaimed "Look Daddy- I'm in a cage!" They also have the tradition of making "Daddy eggs." They are scrambled eggs with some combination of cheese, mushrooms, sausage and/or shrimp and/or bacon in them. She LOVES them and when they didn't have all the stuff they needed one time, he loaded her up, they went to the grocery store to get what they needed, then came back home and made Daddy eggs. What a good daddy he is!

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