Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The great thing about a verbal child is that you get an idea of what is going on in their head. Sometimes it's as clear as a bell as in "I want more!" And then, sometimes, you have conversations such as the one Dillon & I had this morning while I was getting her dressed-
D: "Listen to me" (said while holding my face with both of her hands)
W: "OK"
D: "When the stairs come down, then we can dance."
W: "Alright"

Huh?! She was completely intent on telling me this. I guess it would be kind of bad if that did make sense to me. I do have a few years of education and verbal ability on her.

The other conversation we had this morning was even better. We were sitting, cuddling on the couch not long after she woke up.
W: "I love you baby."
D: "I love you baby."

That one made perfect sense and made me a little teary.

She wanted to wear the sling to carry her bear around yesterday morning. So, I put it on her, wrapped it around so she wouldn't trip and she carried the bear around for a while. I love it when she imitates the things I'm really happy that I do!

She's been helping me cook, which really turns into quite an adventure. She drags her learning tower over to wherever I'm working. If whatever I'm stirring doesn't involve raw meat or eggs, I'll let her help. She generally does pretty well provided that I picked a bowl that was plenty big for my little helper bee. When she starts getting a little wild with it, or it's time to move on to the next stage of dinner, I'll get her a little bowl with just a small amount of whatever it was and let her keep stirring. Once she gets bored, she starts feeding it to Satchmo. Then he gets underfoot because he's so focused on getting a bite of food from her that I invaribly accidently kick him, which sends him scurrying out of the way. This makes Dillon laugh, so then she wants to kick him to get the same reaction. It's incredible how fast this vicious cycle gets set up, just from stirring something in a bowl!

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