Wednesday, December 08, 2004

C'mon Satch-o

She will stand at the back door and yell this outside. Sometimes she even does it when satchmo's not out there, at which time he stands there and looks at me like "what's with her?" She's even starting to be helpful with taking care of him. I can ask her to let Satchmo in and she'll open the door wide enough for him to get in. She knows that he gets a treat when he goes outside, so she starts dancing around say "Satch-o treat." While that sounds really sweet, what she really does is get the treat in her hand, then run off to a corner somewhere and put it in her mouth. It's easy to find her, though- it's whatever corner that Satchmo is also standing in. Eventually she'll hand it over, but often only once it has gotten positively disgusting and slimy. He doesn't seem to be too particular about it and will eat it anyway.

She's developing all these cute phrases that she uses- like "oh no! What happened?"
I guess I've said this to her a few times because she goes around saying it all the time! Anytime she falls down, anytime someone else falls down, anytime one of her babies supposedly falls down or falls over, they get an "Oh no!! What happened?" then a hug and a kiss. She also says "how cute!" or "how pretty!" fairly often as well. Dave was holding her up to the window earlier this evening and she could reach the curtain. She took hold of it to look at it and declared "How pretty!"
"Cuddle mamma" is a pretty popular one as well. She'll follow me around, especially if I'm trying to do something and say "hug mamma!" or "cuddle Mamma!" So, of course I do it happily, because, really, how do you resist that?!

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